Digital Applesauce

locally owned and operated by Joshua Miller


I've been reselling web and email hosting since 1996. Not only do I run my own hosting company, but I have provided backend support for the majority of the local hosting companies in town. If you have ever hosted locally, there is a good chance that I was the faceless backend support behind your website and email.

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I’m a Mac guy.

For two decades and way before it was cool to own an iPad, I've been in business working on Apple products. I formed Digital Applesauce in 1999 to service home users as well as large Macintosh networks.

I specialize in efficiency. I believe a consultant's role is to design systems that work vs. to fix things when they are broken.

On a personal level, I guarantee I'll shave hours off of your workflow by utilizing all things Mac. For your business, I guarantee I'll cut your consulting costs by at least 25%.

If it has the Apple logo on it, I can help you use it better.   Some common goals of my clients include: